Rupert of Calloway

The boy who became a knight…

Rupert was the naughtiest boy in the kingdom of Calloway. But everyone in Calloway, from the least to the greatest, knows the tale of how that very naught boy became a great knight.

From being thrown in the dungeon for disrespecting the king to hunting the Big Bad Wolf to facing a terrifying beast with nothing more than a shepherd’s staff, Rupert’s adventures will engage beginning and seasoned readers alike. Other characters—brothers who are cursed by a witch, a girl who keeps running into a mysterious stranger, and a lumberjack with a heart of gold—pepper this early-reader chapter book of fables with humor, courage, magic, and everything it means to live in a small castle-village in the medieval kingdom of Calloway.

Psst… Parents…Your kids won’t realize this book is teaching them lessons on respecting authority figures, being honest, doing the right thing—and many more of the values you try to impress on them each day. So why not help yourself out a little? Get ‘em this book—which they’ll think is about a kid their age who has really exciting adventures—and let them learn those important lessons through the eyes of Rupert, a very naughty boy who becomes a trusted knight.